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Recapturing an Era - Classics in Europe Collection

A series of digital artwork from original Peter Singhof photographs - unless otherwise noted.

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"... tourist trophy today"


Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n 2159GT - Albuquerque/Williams

Learn about 2159GT here.  - Goodwood Revival - 2011

Goodwood Revival Meeting logo is a registered/copyright. All rights reserved

"... leg 4 finish"


1954 Ferrari Monza Spyder Scaglietti s/n 0462M - Defares/Struycken

Learn about 0462M here.  Mille Miglia - 2016

Mille Miglia logo is a registered/copyright. All rights reserved



"... rain delay"


Bugatti T35R Grand Prix s/n BC025 - Murray  1925 Bugatti T23 s/n 2317 - Rogers

International Bugatti Meeting - 2015

"... boucherie des alpes"


1932 Bugatti T55 Roadster s/n 55210 - Guasti

International Bugatti Meeting - 2015



"... winding road ahead"

 (24x24 Giclee on Fine Art Canvas or Paper.)  

FERRARI 275 GTB 1966 s/n 08145


Tour Auto - 2015

"... o.s.c.a drivers"


OSCA 1500 1954 s/n 175766 TO - François COINTREAU / Patrice COUSSEAU

Tour Auto - 2015



"... waiting to proceed"

    (12x24 Giclee on Fine Art Canvas or Paper.)


Tour Auto - 2015

"... pau to barritz - city limits!"

    (16x20 Giclee on Fine Art Canvas or Paper.)

FORD GT 40 1966 GRT 94C - Phil MULACEK

Tour Auto - 2015


"... watching the river run"

(16x20 Giclee on Fine Art Canvas or Paper.)

Tour Auto - 2015

"... piazza del campo!"


Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider America 1955 - Eric Thevenet/Paloma Thevenet (F/F)

Mille Miglia - 2014

Learn about Bar al Mangia and Piazza del Campo





"... hard day's rest too"


8Cs in Tuscany - 2009 -  Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 sn.0312905

(A companion piece to "... hard day's rest")

"... blue zagato charmer"


Ville d'Este 2012 Class F Winner - David Sydorick 

Learn about #0515

Read about artwork in Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car March 2014





"... hard day's rest"


The Classic Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 B Boticella-Style s/n.412042

(The Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 sn.0312905 is in the background)

Learn about "... hard day's rest" - 8C's in Europe - Tuscany 2009

"... not too slow"


Aston Martin Le Mans (1933) s/n H3/303/S Eliçabe (RA) - Gessler (USA)

Mille Miglia  -  2011

"... two by 2"


OM 665 Superba (1927) Wetz (L) - Sordi (I)

Mille Miglia 2011

"... casino royale"


1953 Connaught A Type ARIF - Chris Buncombe

Monaco Historic Grand Prix -  2010

"... alleghe morn' start"


Le Mitiche Sport a Bassano 2011

Day 2 - Lake Alleghe

"... rainy day dino"


Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1971 s/n 1568 Heidenbauer-Heidenbauer

Kitzbueheler Alpenrallye 2011


"... cortina d'ampezzo"

    (32"x18" Print on Fine Art Paper.)

Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti 2008

Fiat Barchetta 1949 - Gianni Marconato / Luigi Bellon

In the heart of the Dolomites, just ten minutes from the centre of Cortina, You can find a place in our comfortable guests rooms arranged in typical mountain style or on our sunny terrace, just in front of little Lago Scin mountain Lake.

Visit Ristorante Lago Scin!




"... dolomiti splendor!"

    (34"x22"" Print on Fine Art Paper.  Additional Sizes Available)

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB - Martinis Ferretti

Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti

"... someday soon"

    (34"x24" Print on Kodak Metallic or Fine Art Paper. Additional Sizes Available)

Galleria d'Arte - Cortina d'Ampezzo

(Artwork Alfa Romeo 6C 1700 inserted in display window by Moondoggie Grpahics)




"... misty morning magic"


1954 Maserati A6GCS s/n 2078 driven by Meiling & Hefty (US) - 2010 Mille Miglia

Learn about s/n 2078 here ...

"... ciao!"

    (28"x20" Print on Kodak Metallic, Acrylic or Fine Art Paper.  Additional Sizes Available)

1953 Ferrari 340 MM Scaglietti Spyder s/n 0294 AM driven by Crippa & Cesari

Mille Miglia 2006 -   Learn about s/n 0294 here ...


"... going my way"

    (24"x18" Print on Fine Art Paper.  Additional sizes available)

1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB s/n #2439gt  driven by Ellerbrock/Saft

Tour Auto 2009

"... livin' my dream"

    (24"x18" Print on Acrylic or Fine Art Paper. Additional Sizes Available)

1967 Porsche 910 driven by Perrodo/Malachaard

Tour Auto 2010



"... quell belle

    (24"x16" Print on Acrylic or Fine Art Paper.)

Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

Ferrari 206 S Dino Competizione sn/10523 Berlinetta by Pininfarina - Bizzarrini Manta re-numbered 6901 - Lancia Stratos Coupe HF Prototype

(Classics in Europe Artwork Based on Original Images from Peter Singhof Photography. All rights reserved)

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