Moondoggie Graphics - New Editions and Notices April 2018

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Subject: Moondoggie Graphics - New Editions and Notices April 2018
Date: April 17th 2018

Hello and Greetings,

Since my last update in September 2017 I have finished 9 new sports car compositions ..... what an adventure! I have particularly enjoyed "...silver and white" from the Ferrari 250 GTO 55th Anniversary Tour in 2017. I am adding to my portfolio vintage yacht racing. Really cool! This summer I plan to add thoroughbred horse racing compositions - that should be fun.

You can view my new compositions and full on-line portfolio at: Select from the top menu tab/s "sports cars" or "yachts".

Remember I now have a "Moondoggie Graphics app" for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You can get that "app" at:

My event/exhibit schedule for 2018 is still in the planning stages.

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Phil Ward
Digital Artist
Paola, KS

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Moondoggie Graphics - New Editions and Notices

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